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applicationsOur long term goal (10-15 year) is to develop radically new solutions: self organizing adaptive and robust comparable to the lower level of animal cognitive processes, similar in concept to those chased here: Robot Companions.

Our applications development is tightly intertwined with research (performed by the community at large), product development and consultancy.
We want to know about real problems and cope with them in a creative and innovative way, hopefully disruptively!
There are still serious theoretical issues in Cognitive sciences and robotics, but it is possible to do much more than what it is currently done.
Exploit cutting edge research results already obtained.

With reference to two main focus to attack the issues of implementing 'real robots' as we envision them.

  • the coordination of visuo motor intelligence as it happens in robot mobile video servoed manipulation.
  • the self organization of 'intelligence' in loosely coopled network of agents as it can be tested in networks of robots.

These are the main focuses of research, development and applications.

Among multivendor commonly used platform we have a preference for yarp (yet another robot platform) on which we base our product development, but are still open to any other platform.
We see possibilities of breakthrough innovations in many fields, enabled by cutting edge AI, cognitive science and robot research results.

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